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Jrock Rants

Let it out.

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We all have something to gripe about.
Jrock_Rants Community
The way I see it, this community has been a long time coming. We all do it in our journals, to our friends, or just yell it at the computer screen. But in any and every fandom we have our rants. The system is broken and we know exactly how to fix it. Or atleast, we think we do. Here's the place for you to get it out. The jrock fandom has enough wank to make us all look like idiots a hundred times over, jrock_rants is the place for you to straighten that all out. Or just make a good attempt at it, anyway. Now remember this is a RANT community, not a BASH community. Please, try to put across your ideas in an intellegent fashion. I expect this place to get pretty heated from varying opinions. But that is the point. It needs to get let out. But just try to do so without the use of slurs, put downs, and name calling.

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Affiliates to come!
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Please read all of the rules before joining the community.

001. Trolling is absolutely not allowed. You are allowed to disagree, not blatantly harrass other members.
002. No racial slurs are allowed of any kind. This community is ment to help get ideas across that may have been ignored elsewhere, not spread hate.
003. Do not spread rumors. If you are going to post about information regarding a band or business that deals with jrock, please have an article you can cite where you found the information.
004. Your post must contain something regarding JROCK.
005. You must lj-cut your entries. Please title the entry with the main topic(s) of the rant and cut before you type anything else in the entry. If you have too many topics to fit the title, you may use the lj-cut text= feature and name the remaining topics.
006. Do not tag your entries. A Moderator will due it for you based on your entry title.
007. More to come, I'm sure.
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