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11 February 2008 @ 02:15 am
MOD post.. please read.  
First off, I wanted to thank everyone who's come in and participated in the community. When I first made it, it was because I had looked through the interests trying to find a place to rant and came up unsuccessful. But I have just been informed that there was a jrock rant comm already in existence. And the MOD from that comm has been nice enough to merge and let me and my co-mod xhydra666x become moderators over there!

So, I ask everyone here to go ahead and join jrock_rant (just like this one minus the 's') and participate over there! The rules are exactly the same. So I hope to see everyone there soon! XD

Since we are merging, I will be deleting this comm in 48 hours. Thanks again everyone and see you over at jrock_rant!
Current Mood: happyhappy